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1.4.19976 2009/6/24 - A large part of the file to your MP4 file format, then he could not Fix - MP4 file format, the search speed - Some MKV AVC codec in the file format for continuous playback when the program ends at doedeon Fix - Audio skin mode displays the name of some audio codec problem, then he could not modify the - Broadcast of the server connection is terminated doedeon Fix 1.6.56209 2015/09/09 * Second part of reorganization of the program's live mode + Added Czech translation + Added Greek translation + Added Tajik translation + Added MFT HEVC decoder in Windows 10 or newer (WDDM 2.0 or newer version) + Added FFmpeg QuickSync H.264 Decoder + Added the ability to output translucent Scene Browser - Fixed an issue that can't save the format in capture device - Fixed navigation problem of blu-ray mpls files - Fixed ffcodec.dll error when playing in certain PCs - Fixed an issue that caused an error when creating a new album without items - Fixed an issue that can't open certain .sub subtitle files - Fixed an issue that can't play files from certain FTP servers * Improved operation of temporary playback queue 1.6.53104 2015/03/17 * Fixed an issue with buffering the next file when if device was changed while broadcasting + Added an option to show/hide video thumbnails in file navigator + Added various WMR9/EVR scaling algorithms + Added an option to show panes side by side in FTP/WebDAV/HTTP open dialog - Fixed an issue where playback of certain MKV files was not smooth - Fixed a problem that no video when playing certain MPEG files - Fixed deinterlacing on certain MPEG files - Improved displaying of album art/cover pictures - Fixed an issue where HDTV MMS channels were not properly detected - Fixed occasional parameter error with chat - Fixed auto scrolling problem with large amount of chat content - Corrected broadcasting logo support to be used with Amimated PNG (APNG) files 1.4.20169 2009/9/30 + Chatting applied geumchikeo - Chat message screen name change position error correction 1.6.56815 2015/10/28 * Major update for FFmpeg (Previous module can't be used) * Fixed a security problem (remediation of damaged AVI header vulnerability) + Added the ability to open/close the list of participants in the chat + Added the ability to use various browser when you don't chat in the chat area + Added operating selection in showing UI when dropping file to play + Added an option to show network in file navigator - Fixed an issue that can't play next one with certain AAC/MP3 files - Fixed abnormal action when using Windows Border Skin in Windows 10 or newer - Improved Subtitle Browser UI - Fixed a problem that no sound while playing certain MKV files / shortcuts to change your information - Built-in H.264 codec, as some video acceleration was in the Hesitation Hesitation Fix - Ruby did not fit the location of the tag problem fixed - Part of the file to your desktop screen flashes when the problem was modified - HDTV channel changes, modifying the program to die issues 1.6.63835 2016/10/26 * Fixed a security problem(remediation of playing damaged Real file vulnerability) + Added the ability to input multiple lines in address window - Fixed an issue that can't play certain TS files - Fixed an issue that can't play certain dash videos on YouTube - Fixed an issue that searched certain MP4 files slowly - Fixed an issue that half frame appeared with certain capture cards during playback - Fixed an issue that H/W deinterlacing didn't work in certain PCs Host: , Process All 0.014s Memory:2987.3k1.7.1150 2017/03/16 * Fixed a security problem(remediation of playing damaged mov file vulnerability) + Added function of broadcast to favorites + Added the ability to make chat emoticons invisible - Improved handling of chat user list - Changed option of broadcast compression to VBR - Fixed an issue that SMI integrated subtitles can't be selected - Fixed an issue that m3u can't be parsed on certain servers - Fixed an issue that log-in was released under certain conditions - Fixed an issue that appeared distorted when playing 360 VR PETSTEMBECGREGMAT 1.5.34321 2012/10/12 - Improved handling of damaged ASF files - Improved display of custom shortcuts - Fixed an issue that incorrect handling of some UTF-8 subtitles - Improved preferred audio language handling - Fixed seeking issue of some FLV files - Fixed play time issue of WDM/CAM/BDA devices - Improved tag handling of SMI subtitles - Fixed position issue of mouse cursor during screen capture - Some changes in H.264 encoding options - Improved TAK audio playback - Improved deinterlacing options 1.6.52515 2015/02/02 + Added Swedish translation + Added the ability to record videos in GIF format + Added an option to apply broadcast effect to on-air broadcasts only + Added a function at program startup to determine whether the PotPlayer.dll is touched or not + Added the ability to capture screen via DirectDraw API + Added support for NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit + Added 3D output support to Built-in OpenGL Video Renderer + Added support for Closed Captioning + Added the ability to set reception type of BDA devices + Added the ability to add/edit frequency list for BDA devices + Added OpenH264 encoder - Fixed an issue that can't play videos from Daum's cloud server - Fixed video corruption problem when decoding certain files with DXVA on Intel VGAs - Fixed strange color problem when images are captured in JPEG/PNG format - Fixed a problem that the volume level can't be adjusted when wave volume control is used in Vista or newer - Fixed an issue where the Alt key triggers window's system menu and takes away the focus from the program - Improved performance of Intel QuickSync Decoder - Fixed a problem that can't open 8-bit PNG files - Changed default value of Deinterlace to Motion Adaptive - Improved performance of Screen Capture via DXGI 1.2 API - Changed loading method of external .dpl playlist files as a temporary new album for editing directly - Changed default fallback language to English for untranslated strings - Improved playback of downloading files - Improved Built-in OpenGL Renderer - Fixed an issue where DVD menu did not work with Built-in OpenGL/Direct3D 9 Video Renderers - Fixed sync problem with certain MP4 files - Improved thumbnail view of playlist items 1.5.29332 2011/08/11 - Fixed an issue where could not change video size when using DXVA - Improved HTTP file playback - Changed WMV1,WMV2 default codecs - Fixed synchronization problem on some files with DXVA - Fixed an issue that playback is not smooth with using Thread Frame - Fixed VC1 connect problem of the latest Cyberlink Video Decoder - Fixed a problem that cannot use external ASF splitter - Improved similar file search 1.5.35238 2013/01/14 + Added equal condition to auto selection criteria of configuration management + Added support for madVR's pixel shader feature + Added support for SUP (Blu- ray) subtitles + Added the ability to play MP3 files with lyrics subtitles + Added support for DIVX (XSUB) subtitles + Added the ability to swap stereo channels + Added the ability to set capture folders in one place (F5 > Capture Folder) - Fixed a problem while reflecting subtitle sync - Fixed abnormal operation when playing certain BIK files - Some fixes for DVD subtitles and DVD menu with using DXVA2 - Improved Pixel shader handling - Improved logo handling - Added support for Daum Cloud https - Bookmarks is now limited up to 2000 - Improved automatic selection conditions of configuration management 1.5.29162 2011/07/29 - Fixed playback synchronization problem of some H.264 files - Changed default deinterlace settings (To fix quality problems) - Fixed a problem where keyboard hotkey does not take the actual condition with focus problem - Added reset chat announcements and broadcasting stationary during chatting features - Changed file list of broadcasting to improve user security 1.4.20896 2010/04/09 + Broadcasting adjusted to be uniform in quality than - Star League video search had occurred during error correction - Some have reported on the air due to the problem was reentering gangtoehu 985d112f2e

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